In 1984, THEMA was launched as a prestige car of LANCIA that succeeded the latest Gamma and the top model of Beta Trevi. In 1979, during the early stage of its development, a plan to share the cost for base platform came out between LANCIA and SAAB. This was the commencement of the joint working project among FIAT, LANCIA, SAAB and ALFA ROMEO later known as "Tipo Quattro Project". Today, it is much more common to have such joint working plan among different auto-manufacturers in order to save cost, however it was a ground-breaking project two decades ago. It deserved special mention that the driving tastes of each outcome are not the same, although they had common body panels. The exterior of the THEMA was jointly engineered by Italdesign led by Giugiaro and the LANCIA designing team. The design level is still highly evaluated even in our days with practically well-balanced size, comfortability and aerodynamics, while not losing LANCIA elegance. When it was released in the market, 4 types of power units were arranged, i.e., i.e.turbo, 6V, Turbo ds. Each of them represented 4-cylinder 8-valve NA, turbine boosted version, V6 NA and diesel powered. In-line 4 was developed on FIAT Twin Cam unit, and the 2.8-liter V6 for "6V" was called PRV which stood for the name of the joint manufacturers, Peugeot, Renault and Volvo. Are we, "Thema-philes" praising too much if we say that no auto has exceeded this master piece for the past 16 years ?