In Phase 2 period, automatic transmission was arranged for i.e.16V, the N.A. version of 4-cylinder twin cam unit. The 2-valve model was modified to a 4-valve model, to generate more horsepower than the original, and it reached 150 HP with N.A. model. The balance shaft contributed to its smoothness, and it sounded sensual especially in high revs. Moving our eyes to the engine room, we found the same cylinder head and equal-length exhaust manifold as DELTA. It was a gentle sedan, however, the engine told its origin. It was regrettable that MT version was not available in Japan taking the nature of this power unit into consideration.
In its interior, the combination of casual check fabric and matted African rosewood did fascinate us. Japanese automobile manufacturers did not have a taste to select such a check cloth for flagship sedan, and it again impressed us with a casual and chic taste of Italian.