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In Japan, the name "LANCIA" is little known to the public except for the automobile lovers. However, even for them, the name is closely associated with the WRC weapons, and is not acknowledged as the manufacturer of luxurious automobiles as is identified in its home country where they regard such DELTA Evoluzione is rather extraordinary. Chic, elegant and exciting: We believe that THEMA is the very LANCIA automobile, though the name is less famous than STRATOS or DELTA. The Lancia Thema Owners Club (LTOC) is a party of THEMA enthusiasts obsessed by the exquisite combination of shapely exterior designed by Giugiaro, tasteful leather-and-wood interior, and the superb driving performances.
On the other hand, in a different climate and traffic circumstance from its birth place, you need to take special care and effort in order to keep your THEMA in shape. Maintenance-free is never a word for THEMA. The production of THEMA has gone out since 1995 and you have no regular supply of parts and components since currently there's no LANCIA authorized dealers in Japan!
But don't worry! Not having LTOC would make your THEMA lives very inconvenient, but you have!
Accumulated know-how and expertise of LTOC will surely help you and your THEMA. Besides that, LTOC assist you to obtain necessary parts and components. Members exchange disused items that someone else could use, or sometimes jointly purchase the custom made parts.
In LTOC, our communication extends beyond THEMA. Each of our members truly enjoys LTOC as a "ladies and gentlemen's society", and through THEMA and LTOC you may even feel Italian values and lifestyle. If you love LANCIA THEMA, why not join us! Impressive, fabulous experience is there for you!

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