In Phase 2, 4-cylinder twin cam turbo unit was also modified to 16-valve and was made further high-powered. Its outcome was boosted to 185 HP/5,500 rpm and 32.6mkg/2,500 rpm. The phrase "a wolf in sheep's clothing" was meant for this car. They understood the high-performance when they recognized that this power unit has been the same as the one equipped with the DELTA INTEGRALE. However, this engine was first arranged for THEMA, so the expression should be, "the power unit for THEMA turbo was applied to DELTA" to be more precise. It has been a "quiet pride" of THEMA turbo owners to see ever-victorious DELTA at WRC, which had the THEMA engine! Though it really was a "hidden pride". More horsepower was achieved in Phase 3, to generate 205HP/5,750rpm and 30.4 mkg/3,750rpm. The Phase 3 turbo 16V has been the most rare in the Japanese market, and only a small number of LS grade and 1 or 2 of LX grade have been imported. The last production of turbo 16V LS was the most sporty and rare model.