PRV 2.85 liter V6 model was named 6V in Phase 1 and V6 in Phase 2. In Italy, tax rate for over 2-liter capacity is progressively high, so this model is considered to be designed for export mainly to Germany. In Japan, only automatic transmission was available for 6V, so i.e. turbo had been segmented for those who requested MT and 6V for AT users. The camshaft of this V6 unit was chain driven, not by belt like other traditional Italian autos. So, "fearful" belt breaking for usual Italian autos never happened with this power unit. Was it because of the characteristics of Peugeot and Volvo who put much emphasis on durability? The oil pan drain plug was not traditional Italian hexagon wrench type either, but was an ordinary bolt.
The feeling of this power unit was gentle, different from Italian hot engines. Instead, such a character matched with this car, and we can say that this V6 version was the most practical THEMA at that moment, that did not compel manners of the Italian cars to those who selected it for its design.