PRV V6 disappeared from the variation and its position was replaced by Alfa Romeo 3.0 liter V6 unit. This V6 had been the power unit for Alfa Romeo 164, and the SOHC 12-valve version was arranged for THEMA, not the 24-valve one. All aluminum V6 made dynamic sound and brought the best feeling. The black crystal painted head cover and the air chamber was modified by LANCIA, and the sound has been milder than the original. However, as it was originally made by Alfa Romeo, its driving feeling could be sporty even with the automatic transmission.
The striking changes in its exterior were bumpers. In the front bumper, parking lamps combined with fog lamps were newly equipped, and a whole shape of the bumper was modified from squarish to roundish. The rear bumper was modified too; the lower black plastic was removed and it was colored with the same body color. Other major changes were seen in the front grill, which was plated with chrome, and the two pressed lines on rear trunk lid disappeared from Phase 3 model.
This last V6LS model has the most luxurious appearance and high-powered equipment among its preceding THEMA models, and it enjoys reputation of being the "best" THEMA together with its reinforced chassis and Alfa engine.